Body Shop

Body Shop BODY SHOP: Recuperating from Vietnam (Stein & Day, 1973)

First published book about American men wounded in Vietnam, all amputees at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco. Each stump is attached to a name, a story, a brave heart.

Woody, young, blue-eyed, red-haired California man says, “I went to a concert a while ago. I was sitting on some steps, this chick was sitting below me. Everyone was stoned. She leaned back and hit her head against my false legs. She turned around, she couldn’t believe it. We really laughed!”



CASUALTY: A Memoir of Love and War (Norton, 1981) deals with a father’s pressure on a son to go to Vietnam and his guilt when the young man is killed.

At a stark chapel rising, wing like, in New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a ghost-like love story unfolds within the tale of the grieving father who built the memorial to all Vietnam victims, including his own son, for whose death he was largely responsible.

Howard Koch: “…a literary gem that reads like a detective story…”

Time Bomb

Time BombTIME BOMB: Understanding the Threat of Nuclear Power (with Robert Munroe, William Morrow, 1981) was the first popular book on the history of nuclear weapons and power.

Riveting true stories illustrate the development of nuclear industry.

The publisher’s unwillingness to promote Time Bomb led the authors to do so, resulting in Browne being awarded the Women’s International Writing Guild’s ‘Woman of the Year Award’, presented at the United Nations.

Louis Slotin, young Canadian physicist at the Manhattan Project, pushes with bare hands hemispheres of plutonium toward one another, risking a chain reaction, creating the hearts of the first atomic bombs. Time after time he “tickles the dragon’s tail”, until, one day, his hand slips, he is massively irradiated, and nine days later dies a tortured death.