Maggie and Bean


Feisty, funny best friends in their late 60s, live in New York City where Bean was an actress and Maggie a force in City Cultural Affairs. Both women battle serious illness, hate their medications, their doctors and their short-time-left prognoses. Refusing dependency, they decide to go to die, with help, in Amsterdam where they rent a houseboat from a handsome 70-year old Dutchman, fall into love and battle, and end up in surprising ways.

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The Promise

THE PROMISE (with Leke Tasi)

A true and extraordinary love story set in the largely unknown period of massive oppression in the last half of the 20th century in Europe’s most mysterious country. Resistance, love and survival in Albania’s gulag.

Leke Tasi is an Albanian writer and former prisoner in the Communist camps.

Corinne Browne accompanied the story’s hero to Albania to witness the removal of his mother and sister’s bones from their graves near one of the prison camps. That scene opens the story.

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Santa Barbara

A Novel

In Santa Barbara, in 1974, a man and woman, both thirty-something, meet at their parents’ extravagant wedding. He is a successful Los Angeles Times journalist, Pulitzer nominee, charming, talented and excessive. The woman is myself. My father, furious, fading roué, is marrying his luxurious, incorrigible mother. Drawn together by their marriage, he and I become lovers on their wedding night. My father’s violence and his mother’s voluptuousness create the backdrop to our drama, which in turn frames his shocking confession.

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Billy’s Bay

A Novel
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Innocence breeds destruction in a Jamaican paradise turned prison.

Captive Americans, middle-aged Howie and Clara, linked at first in fear and dislike, fall in love. Clara’s teenage daughter, Lily, and young Jamaican Caleb, possessed by passion, defy drug lords’ rules, and ignite their own tragedy.

Body Shop

Body Shop BODY SHOP: Recuperating from Vietnam (Stein & Day, 1973)

First published book about American men wounded in Vietnam, all amputees at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco. Each stump is attached to a name, a story, a brave heart.

Woody, young, blue-eyed, red-haired California man says, “I went to a concert a while ago. I was sitting on some steps, this chick was sitting below me. Everyone was stoned. She leaned back and hit her head against my false legs. She turned around, she couldn’t believe it. We really laughed!”